“We work today to develop a generation of UAE scientists able to compete for Nobel Prize in the next decades”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minster of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

In alignment with Dubai Cyber Security Strategy and out of our strong belief in the importance of research in moving the technology wheel and improving our lives and those of the next generations, Dubai Electronic Security Center calls upon all researchers in accredited higher education institutes within the UAE to submit research proposals with particular focus on cyber security by the latest November 18th, 2018.

The proposed research could be (but not limited to) on digital forensics, threat intelligence, the security of mobile, big data, cloud, Internet of things, blockchain and autonomous vehicles. The research can result in a technique, tool, device, or application.


The applicant/s should be from one of the accredited universities, colleges, and other higher education or research institutes within the UAE.

The research has to be highly focused on cyber (electronic) security, and shouldn’t exceed the maximum grant amount (350,000 AED), yet any amount below that is allowed.

The proposal should be for applied research (not concepts and ideas) focusing on cyber security needs in the UAE.

The research has to be innovative with no similar commercial solutions.

The institutes of the awarded researchers will be given one month after the official announcement to finalize the contract and NDA as per Dubai Electronic Security Center template, otherwise the grant will be withdrawn.

The research topic should not be sponsored or funded from other entities/ organizations.

The maximum research duration allowed is two calendar years.

Evaluation Criteria

30 points

The innovation and originality of the research, and its alignment with the cyber security strategy in Dubai.

20 points

The research’s applicability and feasibility in the UAE in particular and in the cyber security industry as a whole.

15 points

Evidence on the ability to complete the proposed research within the available and requested recourses. i.e. Can the research be finalized with the proposed budget and timeline? are the qualifications of the principal investigator aligned with the scope of the project? Did the applicant work on part of the proposed research or submitted relevant papers previously?

15 points

The principal investigator's institute collaboration with national and international institutes for the purpose of achieving this project (the more collaborations the higher the score).

10 points

Quality of the written proposal (clarity, organization, and design).

5 points

The involvement of students in the proposed research project.

5 points

The involvement of UAE national students/ researchers in the proposed research project.

Application process


Applicants are requested to use the provided research proposal template and fill up all requested details.


Submissions need to be sent via email (using the provided template) to ideas@desc.gov.ae by November 18th, 2018.


Shortlisted candidates will be asked to present their research proposal.


2 winners will be awarded with the grants in total amount of 700,000 AED.